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TMS system (Cloud TMS software / freight software)

ClixlogicTMS is the best-in-class Cloud Based Transport Management System Software solution in India for multimodal transportation businesses — large, small and mid-sized — available as Cloud Based TMS or on-premise deployment strategies. Clixlogic TMS System is recognized as the Best Transport Management Software for its proven framework of total visibility and analysis based control tower approach and a game changer Cloud Based TMS for agile and thriving logistics service companies keeping their costs and services competitive while delivering significant value every day.

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Cloud Based TMS for large, small and mid-sized Transportation Busineses

Modules in Detail

  • Pickup request through Website, Customer Portal, Mobile App, API and Direct Traditional Way
  • Accept and assign pickup request to own pickup-up resource or franchisee (market or contract vendor)
  • Prepare pickup challan
  • Update Transporter E-Waybill and dispatch pickup vehicle
  • Receive pickup at branch/hub and verify auto generated LR/Dockets
  • Origin/Transit Hub
    • Prepare THC (Trip Hire Challan) for Road, Rail or Air
    • In case of Road THC, define Full truck Load or Part Truck Load and also define vehicle contract type (own/market/contract) and vehicle details.
    • Customize system suggested rout plan as point to point trip or a trip through selected transshipment hubs
    • Finalize system suggested load plan (loading tally) and load shipments accordingly 
    • Finalize automatically generated manifests with necessary adjustments if any
    • Update Transporter E-Waybill, Vehicle Seal and then the vehicle is dispatched
  • Destination/Transit Hub
    • Receive shipments. Also take account of miss routed, short, damage and pilferage
    • Connect new shipments through loading tally, barcode scanning and new manifests or close the THC if the trip is complete.
  • Prepare DRS (Delivery Run Sheet) for own delivery team or franchisee (market or contract vendor)
  • Load delivery vehicles
  • Update Transporter E-Waybill and dispatch delivery vehicle
  • Delivery man delivers the consignments and captures images of signed POD using mobile app. Undelivered shipments are marked with proper reason
  • Undelivered consignments are returned to branch/hub stock and attempted for delivery later
  • Hold or Unhold shipments as per customer request or for internal reason
  • Check POD status at detail level (from pickup to delivery)
  • Track miss-routed consignments and their further movements
  • Track damage and pilferage
  • View and print necessary documents such as THC, Manifests, etc
  • Audit and verify Consignment Notes against contract in single or batch mode
  • Prepare Freight Invoices. New or modified invoices are subject to approval by authorized users
  • Once verified and approved, invoices are printed or sent as email directly to customers. Option available to use digital signature on the generated invoices. User can also customize the invoice format for printing or downloading in pdf format
  • 3PL Service invoices are prepared and then get verified by authorized users like freight bills
  • Once verified and approved, 3PL invoices are printed or sent as email directly to customers (with Digital Signature if needed)
  • Manage customer contract, billing references, TAT and ODA charge locations
  • Manage access rights and configurations of Customer Portal, Mobile App and API
  • Manage vendor contracts for pickup, delivery and routes.
  • Manage vehicle records against vendors
  • Inbuilt API for real time data exchange connectivity with customer’s software system (ERP, WMS, TMS, etc) to obtain pickup requests automatically from customer’s system and also to provide consignment status and POD scan image to customer’s systems on real time basis

Key Features

  • Modern Web App for desktop, tab and mobile phones
  • Mobile Apps for Android and IOS
  • Multimodal Transportation options (Road, Rail, AIR)
  • FTL as well as Part-Load road transportation
  • Courier Parcel Transportation along with Freight Cargo Transportation
  • Point-to-Point or Transshipment Hub based transportation
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Provision for preprinted POD and E-POD
  • Reverse shipment
  • Priority shipment
  • Delivery appointment
  • Comprehensive DEPS management
  • Hold / un-hold shipment
  • Customer wise TAT & EDD
  • Barcode based inventory and tracking mechanism
  • Real-time E-waybill generation, validation and printing through Govt. Portal
  • Real-time tracking and Scanned POD visibility through website, customer portal, mobile apps and API
  • Vehicle tracking with GPS
  • Digital Signature (for Invoices)
  • Powerful contract and rate management
  • Can calculate freight and generate invoices based on Weight, Vol.Weight or No of Packages.
  • Can handle 3PL contracts and Invoicing
  • Bulk data update by admin
  • Inbuilt API for integration with customer’s ERP/WMS/TMS
  • Configurable Customer Portal
  • User and admin level Configurable Dashboards
  • Email invoice to customers
  • Automated pre-scheduled report on email for internal team and for customers
  • Event based Email and SMS Alerts
  • Roll based or individual user wise Access Management and Access Tracking
  • Notice/Message Room
  • Affordable and quick customization facility due to modular and SaaS architecture

" Clixlogic Cloud Based TMS - The Best Transport Management Software for Complete Visibility & Control "
Let’s discuss why !!

Clixlogic Cloud Based TMS  ( Transportation Management System ) gives users 360 degree real-time visibility into critical transportation processes and consignment status. With constantly updated information, clients can view every important aspect of their shipments on this Cloud Based Transport Management System (Best Transport Management Software). More available information helps better planning and informed decision making from managers.

Clixlogic TMS Software is fully customizable as per your needs and businesses of all sizes can benefit from improved visibility and the real-time analytics tools that keep their costs and services competitive and aid in planning for the future.

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