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Transportation businesses around the globe face continuous challenges and competitions for price and demands from their clients. Unfortunately changes and enhancements in traditional TMS System are expensive and sometimes users are even forced to sacrifice modernization to maximize ROI for Transportation Software Systems. That’s not the case with Clixlogic TMS – Transportation and Logistics Management Software. As transportation complexity grows, more automation will be the cornerstone of success. Meanwhile, the costs of implementing traditional ERP Software for Transport Company is increasing, while their payback is very low. It’s a challenge all transportation businesses face. Instead of leaving users to choose between power and ROI, Clixlogic TMS System users realize Total IT Platform Leverage through a robust, end-to-end capable Transportation Management Software in India . Proactive management of time, people, opportunity, and innovation create the perfect combination of effective Transplantation Management Solutions.

Traditional TMS

  • High initial investment, recurring investments are also high.
  • Complex workflows and very difficult to align with changes in business processes.
  • Inability to integrate with new enterprise application without code level change to base architecture.
  • Limited and delayed ROI due to perpetual high costs.
  • Minimum modernization in favor of maximizing return.

Clixlogic TMS

  • Low initial investment and minimum recurring cost due to its SaaS Architecture.
  • Low initial training cost as the system is intuitive that enables on-the job learning .
  • Fewer hiccups in implementation and maintenance.
  • Inbuilt API module for integration with customer’s or in-house enterprise applications.
  • Easy and modular customization capabilities ensure Stronger and Faster ROI.
  • Increased use of automated systems and capabilities.

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Clixlogic TMS, Transportation and Logistics Management Software or ERP Software for Transport Company, is fully customizable as per your needs and businesses of all sizes can benefit from improved visibility and the real-time analytics tools of  Clixlogic TMS SystemTransportation Management Solutions, that keep their costs and services competitive and aid in planning for the future.

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